Love Want Need // Graphic Tees & Statement Necklaces


Graphic tees have been making a big splash these days, and we’ve got all sorts of languages covered – French, English, Italian! These bold yet simple shirts can definitely stand on their own, but who doesn’t love a good statement necklace? Bold & chunky neck-candy is a great way to add some flavor to a minimal tee.

Any trends you guys have been noticing that you’d like to see featured? We’d love to know!

Love // Gold Necklace & Ça M’est Égal Tee
Want // Beaded Necklace & These are the Days Tee
Need // Tortoise Necklace & Ciao Tee

Sweet Beats // April ’14


Boston was a wonderful place to be yesterday. This spunky little city has been my home for just about three years, and celebrating the marathon with my neighbors on a beautiful spring day just made it feel that much more alive. We felt the warmth of the sun and cheered on the 36,000 runners making the 26.2 mile run. After the year we had, it was nothing short of incredible.

After watching the festivities up the street from our house, my roommate and I decided to honor the runner’s athleticism through our laziness. We sat in the front yard basking in the sun for just about three hours. It was everything we needed after a very cold winter. This playlist was our companion, and I hope you find it just as sunny-day appropriate as we did!

01. walkin on a pretty day // kurt vile

02. i’d rather dance with you // kings of convenience

03. rock & roll // the velvet underground

04. ride with the tide // emilie mover

05. little surprise // the wave pictures

06. everywhere i’m local // har mar superstar

07. illumination // broadcast

08. 7 heure du mat // jacqueline taieb

09. over the ocean // best coast

10. santa maria de feira // devendra banhart

11. let it fall // lykke li

12. too young to burn // sonny & the sunsets

13. every girl // allah-las

14. love in the ruins // french kicks

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Party Pants

gmR1_Christa_1 gmR1_Christa_2 gmR1_Christa_3 gmR1_Christa_4 gmR1_Christa_5

Forever 21 Pants // Madewell Ampersand Tee, last season (similar) // H&M Army Jacket, old (similar), MIA Scalloped Flats (also here) // The Sak Leather Bag from Marshalls (not available online, similar) // Ray Ban Youngster Sunnies // Bauble Bar Studded Bangle

Happy Monday, and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! I didn’t get a chance to photograph my Easter outfit, but Reg was able to document this look after our delicious brunch last weekend (Reg’s outfit here). I was so excited to finally start wearing these pants – I got them back in January and are a tad too lightweight for winter weather – and they’re pretty much my new fav! While they’re comfy like pajamas, I can’t help but feel extremely dressed up when I wear them! They give me the casual chic look that is pretty much my favorite look of all time. I hope one of these days I can get the courage (and prepare my feet) to wear some cute pumps with this for an even more glammed out look. *PS – It was crazy windy, so don’t mind the wild hair!

xo Christa


Happy Weekend!

happy weekend

Oh, weekend. You are looking so fine right about now. With it being a holiday and all, we’re hoping you guys will all be enjoying it as well! So go on out there and do some springy, fun, and relaxing activities – you deserve it!

rkv // Don’t these honey – peanut butter – coconut cookies (seen above) look scrumptious? I may swap out the pb with almond butter, but either way I’m dying to try ‘em!

cct // This short documentary follows a young go-getter wedding photographer & a talented Instagramer, exploring the range of photography these days. It’s beautiful and fun!

rkv // 10 meals to make for less than $50 from The Every Girl – I’ll take it!

cct // I’m trying to channel my inner confidence even thinking about going to work completely make up free – let alone go without it everyday. Good for her to thinking it through and making up her own mind about wearing make up!

rkv // This herringbone diy wall art is so simple and cute!

cct // A great question recently got brought up – Can TV characters really afford their rents? This infographic breaks it down nicely, and boy are things off sometimes…

rkv // I found this little article about learning to unplug pretty refreshing, and something I think a lot of people need to embrace more often.

cct // Interesting take on interior design – “Why Psychoanalysts Care About Interior Design”

Casual vs Glam // Easter Sunday


The Easter holiday means a lot of different things to lots of different people. It can be going to church, having a big dinner, hanging out playing games – you name it. This is why we’ve put together 2 completely different outfits for 2 completely different scenarios. These pieces are not only springy, but also easy to mix with each other or with items you already own. Now you can look fresh for the holiday with items that will last!

Casual : White Blouse // Leopard Loafers (on sale!)  // Essie nail color in Romper Room // Boyfriend Jeans // Chandelier Earrings

Glam : Blouse // Crossbody // Slouchy Pants // Lace Wedges // Dainty Bracelet

Chic Easter Egg Decorating

Just saying “chic Easter egg decorating” sounds a little funny – Easter eggs tend to be boring pastels or over saturated kid colors, aka not that interesting. But these days, with DIYs all over the place, people have been sharing their amazingly unique and beautiful alternative Easter egg decorating – and we’ve put together some of our favs!

PS. Click here for a tutorial for prepping your eggs before decorating

// Natural & Whiteegg1

We love this simplistic spin on egg decor. All you need in a white-out pen and some patterns!


// Marbleized


Grab three nail polishes (probably ones you don’t use often!) that compliment each other well. In a tall tupperware container, fill up the bottom with water, just enough to cover the surface. Pour a couple drops of each nail color in the water, and gently swirl with a skewer to create marble pattern. Carefully place the egg into the water until covered, then quickly pull it out and set aside to dry. Repeat for each egg.


// Spray-Painted Pattern Play


Using painters tape, yarn, or doilies, cover each egg. Spray each with desired paint and allow to dry!


// Gold-leaf


Dye your eggs as your ordinarily would. Allow to fully dry, then cover with a thin coat of crafting glue like Elmer’s. While the glue is wet, cover each egg with a gold leaf metal sheet (available at most craft stores). Gently use your fingers to smooth out the surface. Allow the metal to peel exposing the cracks. And that’s it!


// Black & White


White eggs. Sharpie. Imagination. Done.


// Watercolor


Prep your eggs using 50/50 water:vinegar and wipe on each egg. While they dry, prep small cups with your favorite water colors (about 1/4 cup for each). Holding your egg over a bowl or container, use a spoon to pour your lightest color over the egg, rotating as you pour. Repeat on each egg. Allow each to fully dry, then repeat with the second darkest color. Continue until each color has been used. Allow to dry and admire your work!


// Opaque paint


Using pastel acrylic paint colors of your choice, use a small brush to make little painterly dashes on dyed or un-dyed eggs. Allow to dry and you’re all done!


Hope you guys are feeling inspired by some of our favorite eggs. Now go eat some candy, and hop to it! Pun intended.

{tutorial sources: Natural & White // Marbleized // Spray-paint // Gold Leaf // Black & White // Watercolor // Opaque Paint}

Etsy Round Up // Vol 6

The past 2 Etsy Round Ups (Vol 4 & 5) were a tad neutral and beige-y, so I’m keeping up my promise and brightening things up! These days have been a bit warmer (this past weekend was fantastic!) and with April half way over, we’re officially in Spring here in New England. I’ve managed to find some colorful, fun items to spice things up – and even if you’re not ready to rock pastels and colored skinnies, you can still add bold accessories to feel Springy!


Coachella might be over, but beaded bracelets are here to stay!


Gorgeous packaging and gorgeous beachy hair – yes please!


Floral prints add brightness and beauty to your home without the pollen!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

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The Jumpsuit

I finally did it, I found a jumpsuit. After a long and arduous search, this black little number feels just right. With temps in the 60s yesterday (finally!), I was able to frolic around town feeling like I was wearing pajamas, yet looking like I read a fashion magazine from time to time. Christa and I decided to take advantage of our girls weekend in Hartford by shooting some pics of my fun new onesie. Now I just need to find some kind of heel so I can wear in out on the weekend. I’m thinking wedges…any suggestions?

jumpsuit5 jumpsuit3 jumpsuit4 jumpsuit1 jumpsuit2

Forever 21 jumpsuit (similar) // Ray Ban sunnies // JCrew flats (similar) // Vintage Banana Republic bag (similar) // Madewell necklace (similar), bracelet & rings (similar)

Hope you all are having lovely starts to your weeks!

xo, Reg

Happy Weekend!

{Image via}

Happy Friday! It was one of those weeks, and it’s almost over guys – yay! Reg and I get to hang this weekend (another yay!) and we thought this picture was appropriate because of course we’ll be brunching on Sunday (we’re thinkin Rizzutos, check out that drink list). With only a few hours left, enjoy our links and get out and about this weekend! The weather is supposed to be gorgeous here in CT, so we’re gonna take full advantage. xo G&M

cct // This list of the Worst Fictional Boyfriends of All Time might stir up some fightin words with friends (Big from SATC is up first), but it makes some valid points…

rkv // Considering I have almost no back-bone, I found this little article about how to ask for what you want pretty helpful

cct // Game of Thrones actors hanging out together in normal clothes – of course I want to see this!

rkv // Have you guys heard of oil pulling trend yet? After reading this I think I may start using coconut oil to whiten my teeth and strengthen my gums

cct // I’m really trying to get into the lip gloss game, but I’m having a hard time finding the right one! Any suggestions? I’ve heard great things about this, this, this, this & this - so I just need to pull the trigger and start testin them out!

rkv // I don’t celebrate Passover, but I’m think I may need to give this chocolate caramel matzo treat a try

cct // If you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty into pattern mixing. Check out The Everygirl’s guide to mixing & matching prints!

rkv // One of our favorite interior designers, Emily Henderson, is coming out with her own Target line! I read about her news on the Target blog a few weeks back, where they had an “ask Emily” section. So I asked… and she actually answered! Check out her response to my question about staying inspired here.

Dinner & Drinks


With sunshine extending past work hours these days, the idea of having friends over and making a spring dish with a matching cocktail is sounding pretty good. Now that our hibernation mode is nearing an end, eating heavy foods just doesn’t sound nearly as appealing as it once did. We’re lightening things up a bit to jump-start spring, and these recipes sound like a wonderful way to do so!

We’ve paired 2 delicious sounding light dinners with equally delightful drinks. Enjoy!

Avocado Zucchini Noodles with Shrimp & Corn paired with Cucumber Sangria

Ginger Grapefruit Cocktail paired with Spring Tart