New Hampshire

As we mentioned in our cocktail post on Monday, this past weekend we spent some time unwinding at Christa’s family home in New Hampshire. Even though the weather was a little grey, it was still as beautiful and charming as ever. Take a peek below to see a glimmer of our quaint little retreat:

// Their little home:


// Hiking: (sneak peek – more next week!)


// Bopping around:

gm_Farm_15gm_Farm_26gm_Farm_16 gm_Farm_17

// Shopping in Peterborough:


// More hang time at home:

gm_Farm_35 gm_Farm_33 gm_Farm_34 gm_Farm_32 gm_Farm_19



Loving Now // Sun Hats

Soon we’ll be at the beach for a nice long weekend, and while we want to be in the sun as much as possible, we know it’s not good for us — so of course big summer beach hats crossed our minds. It feels like the perfect beachy, boho, surfer girl combo to us, and we hope we can find some cute ones asap to look as pinterest-worthy as these ladies!

9       10 2 1 4 7 5 6 11 12 8 3

{ image sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 }


Beachin’ it // Summer Towels


… Because what’s summer without some pretty textiles to plunk your tush on? Time to layout and unwind with some surf & sand, while keeping things fresh from head-to-toe. GM_BeachTowels

{ Clockwise from top left: Nautical // Pastel // Artsy // Preppy // Cali }

Grapefruit Lime Fizz


This past weekend the ladies of G&M had a little r&r in New Hampshire. On Saturday, after what was quite possibly the most excruciating hikes of our lives (more on that later this week) we decided we needed to treat ourselves to a little fizzy fruity fun. While shopping for dinner, we concocted in our heads a simple and refreshing cocktail to make our evening that much more relaxing. The Fresca was a last-minute decision after we got back to the house, since we realized it would go perfectly with the flavor combo — shout out/thanks to Christa’s Oma for having it on hand!

Behold, the grapefruit lime fizz!



(makes 4-6 cocktails, depending on size of glass)

// 1 bottle of Prosecco

// 1 jug of ruby red grapefruit juice

// 1 can of Fresca (or your preferred of fruity soda)

// limes

// ice

// pretty straw


To make: 

01. Put 3-4 ice cubes in glass, then fill about half way with your Prosecco.

02. Pour grapefruit juice on top to fill the glass about 3/4 of the way.

03. Top off with a splash of Fresca to add a little sweetness and an ombre effect to your drink.

04. Squeeze a wedge of lime on top and garnish with a lime pinwheel.

05. Add your pretty straw and cheers to summer!


Happy Weekend!

{image via}

Ello ello! This weekend G&M heads to New Hampshire for some hiking, lounging, and blueberry picking. We’re excited for a nice little weekend of rural woodsy goodness with some surrious r&r. Hope you all have lovely weekends ahead of you!

cct // We offered up our 5 “do’s” for flea market shopping and Apartment Therapy has some great “don’ts”

rkv // I just ordered this powerful little portable speaker in white, and am very impressed so far

cct // Emily Henderson with another fantastic DIY that I need to do asap!

rkv // Have you guys seen this chick dominating American Ninja Warrior yet?? It’s freaking amazing.

cct // This song is my new jam (I’m not sure how I feel about the video, but still lovin the song)

rkv // Flat belly foods

cct // I’ve been finding hula hoops all over the place these days (I’m actually pretty good at it), and it finally clicked that I should do some hula hoop exercises! I’m looking into a weighted hula hoop like this one and it seems like there are a ton of fitness routines out there

rkv //  Blueberries, blueberries, and more blueberries.


Summer Desserts


We’ve got a pretty serious sweet tooth between the 2 of us, and when summer is in full bloom with berries and ice cream trucks (don’t judge), we have desserts on the mind. These four different options have something for just about all taste pallets — nutty, crunchy, citrusy, or flakey. Bring these to any bbq to please the masses, or just have yourself a little me-party!

Clockwise from top left  // Peanut Butter Banana Bonbons // S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich (can you guess who picked this one?…) // Berry Slab Pie // Meyer Lemon Squares

Loving Now // Midi Skirts

Since their prime circa 1940, midis have been making a serious comeback in modern style. Ladies these days are taking this classic dainty look and giving it some sass. It’s become one of our favorite ways to feel a little dolled up, while still having an ease and cool-factor. h g l 1 b d o 2 c n eimage sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13



Sweet Beats // July 2014

These next couple of weekends are going to involve a whole lot of lounging in the great outdoors. This coming Friday Christa and I are heading up her to family’s home in rural New Hampshire, and the following weekend we’ll be hanging with old friends on the beach in Old Lyme, CT. Sometimes when things are this relaxed, I just want some twangy bluesy folky goodness to accompany me.

If you’re in the same boat as myself, click here to enjoy.


{image via}

01. cross road blues // robert johnson

02. truckin’ little woman // big bill broonzy

03. when the levee breaks // memphis minnie

04. louis collins // mississippi john hurt

05. will you miss me? // woody guthrie

06. i walk the line // johnny cash

07. fixin’ to die // bukka white

08. the blizzard’s never seen the desert sands // tallest man on earth

09. ripple // grateful dead

10. along about daybreak // bill monroe

11. can i sleep in your arms // phosphorescent

12. laundry room // the avett brothers

13. american hearts // a.a. bondy


Etsy Round Up // Vol. 9

I tend to look at Etsy less in the summer for whatever reason, but I’m glad I’ve been keeping an eye out, because dang – there is some cute stuff going on! Take a peek at these fantastic items and hopefully someone you know has a bday soon (or you have a little treat-yo-self scenario??)…


Gold necklaces are my weakness these days!


Am I the only one obsessed with the cacti motif at the moment?

il_fullxfull.594757255_sa3oil_fullxfull.623357112_5s81This gorgeous tea set is being sold by my friend Emily, and if I had any reason to buy it, I would in a second – so beautiful!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6


Happy Weekend!

{image via}

It’s Friday guys…took long enough, right? I am so thankful for this wonderful day and a weekend full of world cup games and possible thrifting (Brimfield weekend no. 2!).

cct // I always love finding new ways to use bobbi pins! Number 4, 7 & 14 are my favorite!

rkv // July produce!

cct // These pics are pretty fantastic

rkv // Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m in lurve with eggs benny, so I think it’s about time I learned how to poach an egg

cct // The Italian’s take their wine making very seriously – this article is so interesting!

rkv // So I’ve only had my iPhone 5c for about a month and the home button already went kaputz. Have you guys heard of assistive touch? It’s a life saver, and bought me some time before I’m able to head to the Apple store!

cct //  We readers are pretty sexy…

rkv // 7 friends every woman needs


Enjoy your weekend!!